DIXI Polytool Application of the Month

Application field: automotive

Stepped drill, geometry according to DIXI 1146 with internal cooling

Cutting conditions

Material SAE 1040 – DIN 1.1186 – CK40
Machine Emissa transfer machine
Workpiece Crankschaft axis / automotive
Machining Drill Ø 7.7 x 2 x Ø 8 x 4.5 x Ø 14/140° x 61 mm
Requests Feed 1,000 mm/min to guarantee the daily productivity and a minimum of 1,500-1,800 holes per drill.
Lubricant Emulsion – 80 bars pressure
Cutting data Vc = 90 m/min
Vf = 1,200 mm/min
Remark With the drills of the competition, the customer could not guarantee his productivity. With the DIXI tool, the requests were respected as well for cycle time as for tool life.