About Teco Tooling Pty Ltd

Teco Tooling Pty Ltd distributes extremely high quality precision cutting tools sourced from the finest international suppliers, and provides expert tooling solutions to customers in Australia and New Zealand.

With offices in Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Christchurch, Teco can supply the complete Tooling package for setting up the manufacturing of a new product. Teco can assist in the correct tool selection, advise on the best way to machine the product and provide solutions in all aspects of application technology.

We carry a lot of stock in Melbourne available for immediate delivery and we have a recovery rate of 3-7 days for orders from Europe. We supply ex stock for delivery to all major cities the next morning, providing the orders reach us by 5.00pm Melbourne time.

Teco is available for after sales service each working day until 6.00pm Melbourne time.


In 1984 Juergen Schmeja (now Managing Director of Teco) introduced the first high performance quality cutting tools into Australia. The brand was TITEX Plus, a unique product at the time, of unrivalled quality and performance.

Within 10 years, this company, then called Ti-Tek P/L, became a major player in the Manufacturing Industry. Several other brand names were added to the tool selection, including Botek, Prototyp, Dixi and many more.

In 2003 Ti-Tek was sold to one of its main suppliers. This gave way to the formation of Teco Tooling in 2006, a small family company owned by Ann and Juergen Schmeja. Teco took over the same philosophy of providing tools and machines of only the highest quality.


Teco Tooling is well established in the Manufacturing industry and is again a market leader, supplying a larger but still highly selective product range to various idustries: